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AD Financial Partners is a comprehensive wealth services firm that is solely focused on the needs of high net worth professionals, women in transition, retirees, entrepreneurs and their families. Our expertise is in providing highly customized solutions in the areas of Estate Planning and Individual Risk Management, Investment Advisory Services and Financial Planning. Unlike many other wealth services firms that focus on only one or two of these issues, our team of highly skilled and qualified professionals is organized to be able to deliver on all three critical areas.

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Financial Planning has come to mean many different things to different people. AD Financial Partners believes that Financial Planning is a process of guiding clients through the following steps:

-Understanding your financial goals

-Analysis about your current position relative to those goals

-Building a roadmap to help you achieve your goals

-Implementing a relevant course of action

While many tools are available to help you meet your financial goals, not all professionals are properly positioned to consider them in regard to the bigger picture of how you choose to structure your financial life. We strive to educate clients to help them make more informed financial decisions and to help ensure the stability of their financial future. One way we accomplish this is through a process called asset-map.

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A successful investment management program depends on a core philosophy coupled with a reliable structured process to execute on that philosophy. Without both components, a portfolio is like a ship without a rudder drifting at sea. We clearly illustrate our recommended portfolio and discuss both risks and opportunities with each client. We also advise on the need to change a portfolio over time as we monitor the changes in market conditions and the global economy and identify new solutions. Consistent with our intermediate-term perspective, we typically recommend a handful of portfolio adjustments each year. The vast majority of our clients empower us to manage their portfolios with discretion. This allows us to act quickly and efficiently on their behalf as needs arise and frees them from some of the pressures of making complex investment decisions.

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For many families, a major asset may be a business, perhaps one that has thrived for several generations. Equally important to the income generated by the business is its reputation in the community or perhaps the world. When the time comes to transfer control of a family-owned business, it is important to do so responsibly and equitably, to minimize conflicting goals or strategies of the successors. Unfortunately, many people are not comfortable discussing topics related to business succession because such discussions invariably involve issues related to aging, death, or internal family conflicts.  AD Financial Partners works with families to figure out the most desirable strategy to transfer ownership of a family-owned business.

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Micah began his career in financial services in 2007 with AXA Advisors, serving as an insurance and investment professional. He built a practice centered on a consultative approach, educating clients in financial matters and communicating effective, well thought-out plans to help them meet their needs. In 2011 Micah was promoted to Divisional Vice President. In this role Micah was responsible for the recruitment, training, and mentorship of new financial advisors hired by the firm. Micah left AXA Advisors in January of 2013 and founded AD Financial Partners, an independent financial services firm.

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